The Gift of Light

by Neesa Suncheuri

I’m at my psychiatrist’s office for a routine visit.  I go every four weeks, mostly to get my prescriptions.  I haven’t changed my medication dosages in months.

“Hello, Neesa, how are you?”

“I’m doing really well!”  A smile on my face.  “Last week, something amazing happened to me.  I’ve become a Christian!”

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by Stephen Hardman

Black Mask Studios continues to publish some of the most original and exciting comic books coming out right now. The diversity of the creators, and the characters and stories they are putting on the page, guarantees an intriguing slate of titles which is being expanded even further as 2016 rumbles on.

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How Our Government Has Failed Us, and What We Should Do About It

It scares the hell out of me to publish this the day before the American presidential election, but a lot of people are interested in reading it and I promised. Please do not judge me too harshly. I wrote it because it was homework.


How Our Government Has Failed Us, and What We Should Do About It

The American people are living in a period of time that is frustrating, stressful, and emotionally draining. Many of us, myself included, have cited the desire—more than once—to give up. To hide. To drink with our friends or read our favorite book as an escape during the presidential debates. This is the role of government in our society. A system that directly causes its citizens to dread its presence, as if we are children at Christmastime, avoiding that great aunt who pinches our cheeks without our permission. But if we are to be successful as a thriving country with the foundational basis of freedom, we cannot just close our eyes and cringe. We have to be strong and tell Aunt Ginny no, you have pinched my cheeks too many times and I have had enough. I don’t like you anyway. We must stand up for what we know to be right, which is, and has always been the right to be free and unchained by a government that does not do the right thing for its people. We have a right to live happily in our society by feeling empowered to accept nothing less than the best for our people, which is to accept nothing less for ourselves and our children.

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DEAR READER: Boundaries, Intimacy, and Trust

By Kitt O’Malley

EDITOR’S NOTE: I think we all hate Facebook messenger at this point.

Email and direct messages, especially Facebook direct messages, intrude. I do not feel safe in the secretive world of chat. I need witnesses – others protecting my back. I prefer communication public – on my Facebook timeline or as comments to my blog posts.

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