Dr. Bach…is (was) he legit?

fuck yeah he was.

I’m clinically insane, as far as the state of California is concerned. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2011 and for two years experienced this self-inflicted turmoil as I weaned myself off of anti—psychotic drugs, resisted three suicide urges, and ultimately learned to navigate a world that was no longer my own, but one that I shared with the other existence—or beings—that lived in my head.

2013: enter theta, vibration therapy, natural supplements, new diet, solid run three times a week, and…hello Dr. Bach. did his acclaimed essences of flowers cure my schizophrenia?

fuck no. nothing cures schizophrenia. it’s fucking schizophrenia, dude.


hallucinations, paranoia, and over-analysis. the first two I can handle, but the third one? not so much because it ruins relationships. as those with the broken brains (how we describe them, not you), we feel as though we must act a certain way and be a certain way. as not to be singled out as crazy, we overanalyze every word every person says about us or to us or not to us, in every single way possible.

it’s fucked up.


there’s a flower for that.

the greatest thing about Dr. Bach’s product is that all you have to know is what you do. like…even us crazies can say ‘I wish I didn’t do that’ or ‘I wish I wouldn’t have reacted to that situation that way’ and BOOM.

there’s a flower for that.

check Bach’s website—there’s a remedy for every backwards way of thinking that we have infected our brains with over the years—mentally ill or not—and his formula allows us to reverse it. all of it.

balance. the universe requires balance.

try the product out. $17.99 or thereabouts to cure each mental ailment you have (and once and for all by the way—once you fix it, it’s gone forever) seems like kind of a lot, but compared to the cost of the prescribed drug that fixes these issues…

oh, wait. there isn’t one.


Allie Burke is the no-makeup-wearing, simultaneous-YA-and-Vonnegut-loving, Nike-obsessed bestselling author and acclaimed Selfie Queen of the Universe. She’s written in various forms for an indeterminable amount of time, climbing up the Amazon charts and ultimate geekery from small time book-reviewer to literary editor, until the authory culture pushed her off the bridge of artistic literature.

She now writes shit she’ll probably never publish, never shuts up about John Green, only reads books she wasn’t asked to review, and drinks coffee at all the wrong times.

She is the creator of Organic Coffee, Haphazardly. 


5 thoughts on “Dr. Bach…is (was) he legit?”

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for taking the time to read the article.

      This post is informational only as I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice. As I highly recommend in my disclaimer, I would encourage you to speak to your doctor or health professional.

      I was misdiagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder before I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I feel your frustration and pain that goes along with the illness. Best of luck to you in your healing process.


      1. Youre an author. Not a doctor. I know. But I am firmly against becoming a lab rat. I would rather try dropping some flower oil or whatever in some water or on my tongue over frying my brain to make it all stop. I’m simply just grateful there are more options than i thought..

        Though i do have a couple of queations if you’re willing to answer them..? If not its just as well..


      2. That is certainly at your discretion.

        You’re welcome to reach out anytime. I can be reached on Twitter @allieburkebooks or via e-mail at allieburkebooks.at.gmail.dot.com.


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