banned books week: tfios by john green


a disclaimer:

1. I am not a parent
2. I am not a teen
3. this rant will be littered with language that is probably inappropriate in a ‘let’s talk about young adult books’ setting because I’m pissed

so if you’re looking for sites to troll based on these complaints, please move on to the next on your list. thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


I’ve been arguing about YA books for years. all of these ya authors are like why does this YA book have f-bombs and sexual references and OMGthisissoinappropriate.

I am convinced that Every Parent Ever has forgotten what it’s like to be a teenager. (based on the content of some of these YA books, I’m inclined to believe that I am correct.) teenagers say fuck; it’s a fun word to say when you’re not allowed to do anything fun. teenagers get fucked up and they have sex. your parenting determines whether or not they do it safely.

yesterday, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green was banned by the Riverside School District for mortality themes and sexual content. I talked to several people about the matter, and one parent told me that I should look at it from a parent’s perspective, because if their child was in middle school, she would not allow her to read this book.

look, I realize that some people feel that children must be shielded from a lot of the terrors of the world, especially at young ages, but I really don’t believe this is one of those situations. that being said, I respect your rights as a parent. but:

take this book, that takes two intelligent teenagers, who wait to have sex until they fall in love, share books instead of drugs, and learn to cherish every moment because yes, death is inevitable and could happen at anytime.

I’m sorry…if you feel THAT is a product of bad parenting…well. I fear for you, your children, and every person they come in contact with ever. I would not shield my children from this book, or any John Green book. in fact, I would encourage it. I would encourage my children to read every John Green book.

The other responses have of course been somewhere in between this is ridiculous and I wish my books would get banned so I’d be a bestseller, which is when I realized that the reason I started this site is because 1. authors aren’t writing for the art of writing anymore and thus 2. I haven’t been able to write anything worth a shit since I finished paper souls.

I’d like to think that an individual such as John Green, who has proved himself a solid, genuine person via anti-bullying and pro-individualistic efforts including but not limited to the VLOG brothers, DFTBA, and nerdfighteria, would not exploit a 16 year old teenage girl who died from cancer in order to write a book that would inevitably be banned, thereby achieving bestseller status (not that he needed it), but I guess it’s possible. You never know what’s a publicity stunt these days.



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