Social Media: the death of the strong, independent woman


I was going to post this on Facebook but I’m not a fan of 1. posting long things on Facebook because humanity tends to skim and/or skip and 2. shoving my beliefs down the throats of those on social media – it’s much more respectable from my perspective to shout my opinions on my own avenue and people can choose to visit/read/comment/etcetera

I have come to the conclusion that Social Media is bad for the positive psyche of women. And while I think this can apply to some men as well, I feel more comfortable applying it to females because I am one and know that just about every woman I know battles the subject – not Social Media, but validation.

The number one problem created on our side of humanity – the need for constant validation – is fed by social media. We are beautiful (selfies), we are funny (sarcasm), we are smart (reading), and based on what we post on Social Media, our friends are confident that anyone would love us, want to date us, marry us, etcetera.

I think that the emotional state in which women are constantly branded with has been intensified by our current culture. We are so wonderful and beautiful and amazing according to what we post on Facebook and our photos on Instagram and by our wit on Twitter, when we are put down in the real world, we are belittled to our smallest because we are under the impression that everyone loves and respects us.

The gag article about taking too many selfies being a psychological disorder is unbelievable at best, but I do believe that there is something dangerous about posting endless photos of ourselves for the sole purpose of subconsciously seeking likes and comments. I think it’s dangerous behavior to seek validation for anything we say or do ie “post” – man or woman – because it gives technology the power to turn us into narcissists, and the universe the power to laugh every time we fuck up. The lessons we learn are no longer constructive but completely knock us down, and it is taking us much longer to get back up, just to run back to our friends and our boyfriend and whoever. We cannot be alone anymore, and finally, when all we want is to be alone, the whole world think it’s appalling and weird and anti-social, and it scares me.

The woman who survives alone is the strongest. She is Katniss, and she is the only one who will survive the apocalypse.

(The fact that I care who “likes” this is the problem.)


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