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I am more than my parts. Just the parts you or I see. I will not be kept in a box that you choose. I am all things: my heart, my soul, my own normal. Why can’t you see that it’s okay to be different? Stop the judgment.

I am coffee, caramel, and sleep. I am thoughts and dreams. I am legs, butt, and blue eyes. I am passion. Color, hot showers, and books. I am green grass and cool breezes. Feelings, stretch marks, and wildness. I am boredom, soft parts, and restlessness. Long drives and loud music. I am WORDS. Sweet touch, whispers, and dreams. I am blank paper, fruity scents, and colored notebooks. Broken pieces, tears, and healing. I am tattoos, vodka, and freckles.

All these pieces fit somewhere inside me. I am no longer afraid to show them. I can’t say where the courage came from but I will never let it go now. I am me. Who are you?


Christina Vandenhurk

I’m 30 years old and living on a farm. Dreaming of travel and adventures. Learning to appreciate myself and grow. Reading all I can and writing out my thoughts. Walking is my meditation.

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