Flash Fiction Contest

When considering how I would contribute to this wonderful society alongside other inspiring writers, my mind searched for what I loved about writing communities which now I felt lacking from my own. Fiction is my jam but I wanted something more, something interactive that would scatter the creative cockroaches making camp in your brain.

My solution was FLASH FICTION.

The prompt will be visual art to stimulate your imagination. I’ll include my take on the story within the piece and then call out for anyone to add their 500-1000 word interpretation. Any genre, any point of view; it’s your world to play with as long as aspects of the picture weave their way into your works, no matter how small.

What’s your incentive? Besides giving your skills a place to stretch their legs?

The winner’s story will be published on OCH’s home page as the weekly OCH ELITE feature. The winner is also eligible to win an e-book of The Abandoned Pages by Allie Burke and Melissa Thayer.

Regardless of your love for the giveaway, there’s always to opportunity to brag and have your work showcased on the OCH website. Which, let’s face it, is incentive enough.

Contest will begin 5/8 and will end 5/15. When you see the prompt with my flash fiction story, crack your knuckles, fill your favorite mug, rub your stuffed Godzilla’s belly for good luck, and get writing.

You can submit here.

// Stories submitted must be original content, never before published in any other publication. If the submission is chosen as the winner of the content, the submitter will keep all rights to the story, but will be required to link to OCH when using it outside of our site.

unnamedS.J. Cairns is a Southern Canadian, born and raised in St. Catharines Ontario, where she lives with her bug-killing, video game playing husband of near 15 years, her spunky mother-in-law, and their three snorting Pugs.

During days off from true chaos working as a Women’s Advocate at a busy downtown Women’s Shelter, you can find S.J. in her writerly lair dipped in all things creepy, plotting against her lifetime nemesis, those deadly evil-doers; balloons, and giving some perspective on The Fictionistas YouTube Channel each Monday.

S.J. will add her own works of fiction to her overly crammed shelves this year as she focuses on a 6 novel Urban Fantasy series called “Evolution of a Soul Seer”.

Visit S.J. at https://sjcairns.wordpress.com.


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