The Beautifully Flawed

One of the things that I love most about writing is drawing inspiration from all of the different kinds of people in the world. Humans are so complex, so full of mystery. So many different components make a person who they are, and I love that. I love drawing inspiration from a bunch of different people and situations, and turning that inspiration into crafting and shaping a new person, a fictional being that other people might relate to.

I am drawn to people who don’t hide their flaws and their scars. I am drawn to people who are not ashamed to be imperfect…to be human. I am drawn to people with depth and layers, people who are wounded and still trying. Those are the characters that I absolutely adore writing about. I am an incredibly emotional person, and I love creating emotion within my stories.

Emotion is one of the core things that makes us human. How we react to that emotion, how certain circumstances and situations can shape our later reactions, differs from person to person, even in the literary world.

I love that there is so much space to create and play with different personality traits and get lost in emotion. I love to embrace all different kinds of people in my characters: the brave, the strong, the naive, the seemingly “weak” ones that do something courageous. I love writing characters that don’t fit into one box or another. I love the grey areas and the mystery. I love that different upbringings and different situational experiences shape different characters into the “fictional” people that they are.

So, I’m tipping my hat to writing today and totally stoked that I get to do this on the daily, and that’s pretty cool.

jchanniganJ.C. Hannigan is a married mother of two in her mid-twenties. J.C. is addicted to coffee, Instagram selfies, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Dill Pickle chips (only not together, because that would be gross). She has been blogging for nearly 10 years, and won a Bloggie award some time ago. She writes new adult romance novels and currently has two books published, Collide and Consumed. You can find J.C. pretty much everywhere; except, it would seem…in the laundry room.

Visit J.C. on her website.

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