June 12, 2016

by TL Milligan

if you put a gun in your hand
and pull the trigger
and take someone’s life
that doesn’t make you better than that person
no matter what they’ve done, how they’ve lived
you’re not better than them
you’re not protecting yourself or the people you love
and you don’t have the right
to behave like a god
and decide whether someone else should live or die

you’ve allowed yourself to be manipulated by anger and hatred
you’ve become darkness’s puppet
you’ve created more chaos and destruction
instead of choosing to put good into the world, you’ve chosen to spread evil
and i don’t want to, but i feel sorry for you

you cannot solve your problems with anger and hatred and darkness and chaos and destruction
you cannot seek out evil to create your happiness
you cannot exact revenge and expect satisfying results
you cannot commit terrible crimes without consequences

there are broken hearts and floods of tears everywhere today
someone is laying their child, their loved one, their friend to bed in a hole in the ground
so what did you get by putting a gun in your hand
and pulling the trigger
and taking someone’s life



TL Milligan has been making up stories and playing with imaginary friends since she was a little girl. She stubbornly refuses to grow up and insists the colorful, chaotic world inside her head is much better than reality. She enjoys writing both poetry and prose, but her first love is fiction for children and young adults. She devours all types of literature when she isn’t creating magic with her pen, and she looks forward to the day when her books are available for everyone to read. She’s a self-proclaimed Potterhead, Disney princess, believer in Wonderland, grammar nerd, and fiery feminist. She has a BA in English, and she currently resides in a small town near Atlanta with her mischievous rough collie, Stella. Follow her on Instagram at @bunnytleigh to see snapshots of her everyday life, glimpses of her writing and what inspires her, and dozens of photos of Stella.

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