Invincible Woman

by Marie Scampini

What it takes to be an invincible woman:
hold patience
hold the pain
hold the outstretched drowning hand
at least long enough
to give birth
to a child
or a nation
or a new way of thinking
in the face of adversity

sure Beyoncé
but more Maya Angelou
and Marie Curie
now Hillary

Mountain moving passion
Overpowering Conviction
that gives evil and injustice overdue

Revelation in the heart
catalyzes revolution of the soul
Gospel sung in cathedral of the streets
from every gushing pore
Love more!
Protect all life as Mother Nature herself

Live and die
by a sword of
unconditional love
never invisible
always invincible
as America herself

Marie Scampini is a poet, playwright and short story writer currently writing the poetry collection – Music into Madness and her project – 1775 Poems in 1775 Days, to save her life, every day, on a page and in this world

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