Leadership Gospel

Here is a poem dedicated to my friend Johnathon – who just received his MBA – son of an immigrant who I know will change the world with his intelligence and his compassion for all those voices unheard. Also inspired by John Lennon’s “Imagine” as I remember and honor him in the anniversary month of his death. -Marie Scampini


benefact fruition
alchemy of wisdom and intuition
including a world view
listening to
all minor keys
as a daily habit
in the alonement
and atonement
for all the suffering of the world
becoming a force so great
a song so searing
a serenade for centuries of
future good
so great
the sun
refuses to rise
until it hears the magnificent magnitude of his mellifluous voice
and has no choice
but to tilt its rays of all remaining days
in his direction

Marie Scampini is a poet, playwright and short story writer currently writing the poetry collection – Music into Madness and her project – 1775 Poems in 1775 Days, to save her life, every day, on a page and in this world

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