by ND Ekwegh

I hear your voice in the midst of the storm
I hear you roar, see all you’ve become
I feel so little before your giant frame
I hear you taunting as you call out my name
You threaten to break me, to fill me with pain
You show off your weapons again and again
Your giant footsteps are all over my sand
I tremble in feet and I tremble in hand
There is only one winner; I hear you declare
There is only one victor and that much seems clear
My heart feels so weary, my courage is gone
My confidence broken, my face is forlorn
I fall on my knees with a thought of surrender
But just in that moment, I start to remember

Goliath, I know how this story ends
And it doesn’t go well for you my friend
You roar and rant and scream and boast
But shortly you’ll be burnt as toast
You roar to hide the fear within
You know I’m capable, you know I win
Your threats, they mask your trembling voice
You know you’re defeated, you don’t have a choice
You mock and taunt and act so slick
But I see right through you, I know that you’re weak
And with sling of prayer and stone of faith
I’m sending you falling, there’s no need to wait
Goliath, I see your time is done
Goliath has fallen, the victory is won

ND Ekwegh is a poet, novelist, script and songwriter who also freelances as a sports journalist. He works full time as a Business analyst in one of the UK’s biggest Retailers and is a father of two energetic boys who do their best to keep him fit. ND is currently working on 4 projects including a novel and script with hopes of leaving the finance world behind and riding off into the writer’s sunset.

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