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REVIEW: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

by Stephen Hardman

Writer – Ryan North
Art – Erica Henderson
Colours – Rico Renzi

Squirrel Girl is perhaps one of the more unlikely superheroes to have an on-going monthly comic book published by Marvel. However, it is testament to the desire for alternatives to the mainstream superhero books among today’s comic book readers that a character like Squirrel Girl can reach a big enough audience to warrant an on-going series in an industry where titles fall by the wayside every month as if sales are not high enough.

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COMIC REVIEW: 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank

by Stephen Hardman

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is officially my new favourite comic book. Published by Black Mask Studios, the title alone immediately made me want to know what is going on inside the pages. As soon as I got my hands on a copy I devoured the contents of this stunning piece of work. What I found inside was a fantastic story, featuring endearing characters, crackling dialogue, and wonderful art.

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REVIEW: Tokyo Ghost

by Stephen Hardman

Tokyo Ghost
Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Sean Murphy
Colours – Matt Hollingsworth
Letters – RusWooton

As developments in robotics and artificial intelligence continue at an ever increasing pace, the inevitable concern among many people is the impact that these advancements will have on jobs, with a legitimate fear that robotics and AI will be the preserve of the rich, while the poor become more downtrodden as the inequality gap widens to an unassailable distance. These fears are brought to life in the pages of Rick Remender’s Tokyo Ghost from Image Comics. Together with the unbelievable art of Sean Murphy, the fantastic colours of Matt Hollingsworth, and the always flawless lettering of RusWooton, Tokyo Ghost is a sumptuous comic book which is well worth anybody’s time.

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REVIEW: We Can Never Go Home

by Stephen Hardman

Black Mask Studios is one of the most acclaimed independent publishers around right now. Low print runs coupled with huge amounts of internet hype have ensured sell-out first prints on all their titles, and some titles being traded online for hundreds of dollars. Yet behind the hype and the frenzied scramble to get hold of the next big thing, lies a roster of seriously good comics created by some of the comic-book world’s most exciting new writers and artists.

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REVIEW: The Private Eye – Brian K Vaughan, Marcos Martin, Muntsa Vicente

privateeyeIt’s hardly surprising that Brian K Vaughan should be partly responsible for changing the face of digital comics. He created Y: The Last Man, the seminal Nineties comic, and  he is the writer and co-creator of Saga, a multi-award winning sci-fi fantasy comic which has set a new benchmark for quality in monthly comic books.

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