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Brian K Vaughan is one of the most well-respected comic book writers around thanks to his seminal work Y: The Last Man with Pia Guerra. He’s also written for Marvel and DC on titles such as X-Men, Batman, Swamp Thing, and Spider-Man. He also created Runaways with Adrian Alphona, a series featuring teenage superheroes which Wizard magazine called “one of the best original concepts from Marvel in thirty years.” A new creator-owned series from Vaughan, published by Image Comics, was always going to be a mouth-watering prospect.

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REVIEW: Southern Bastards #10

southernbastards10My knowledge of the American South comes mainly from reading James Lee Burke novels and watching Angel Heart. It’s fair to say this probably hasn’t given me a particularly well-rounded view. Southern Bastards may not do much to round out what I know of, or rather what my impression of the South is, but it damn sure makes me feel like I visit there every time I read an issue of the comic. The quality of Jason Aaron’s writing in Southern Bastards, together with the art of Jason Latour, throws the reader headlong in to the hot, dirty, violent, football-obsessed world of Craw County, and its cast of damaged characters. While Craw County is a fictional location, Aaron and Latour have clearly drawn on their own experiences of being raised in the Deep South to bring this part of America to life so vividly on the page.

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Difficulty by Guest Blogger @authortroy

Guys do not cry, do not feel like they are going insane. They provide stability in any situation, a solution to all problems. So I was taught. Drilled into me was the John Wayne, Clint Eastwood type of man. But that really wasn’t me.

But I learned to act at a young age. You could say I began my career in theater at church: no matter how I felt at home, or even if my family had an argument Sunday morning, you put on your best clothes, go to Sunday School, and spit back all the right answers with a smile painted on your face.

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