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Is Originality Overrated?

Originality is the pinnacle of artistry

In any art form, the trailblazers are the most celebrated. The creators of new, exciting, or groundbreaking ideas are seen as a breath of fresh air, revitalizing an art form that has gone stale. Whether we are opening a book, or cranking up iTunes, the discovery of something new and original is exciting. We will rush out and tell all our friends, both because we enjoy this original thing so much and because we can take credit for finding it. Being first is coded into our genes.

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Everything Old is New Again

A Long Time Ago…

The dates are a bit hazy, but I believe the first time I saw Star Wars was 1979, a whole two years after its release. I was only six and my movie choices were limited to whatever a parent or grandparent wanted to take me to see.

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