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Facebook Messenger is not a Bookstore

by J.C. Hannigan

I am both an author and an avid reader. I am also the mother of two small children. Naturally family comes first to me. As an author, I don’t have a whole lot of time that isn’t dedicated to my work after my family’s needs are met. When I do get a slice of extra time, of course I love to read.

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#wordmongering and How it Made my Writing Career Possible

Six years ago I had made up my mind that I was going to write. I grabbed my laptop and I worded as many words as I could. It felt GREAT and it was amazing. The only problem was, I have ADHD. My hyperfocus kicked into hyperdrive and all I did was sit in front of my laptop wording those words. My dishes sat undone, my bathroom looked like a bomb had gone off in it, and my body was starting to smell a bit. At one point I looked up from my writing and looked around and I was appalled at myself. Instead of spurring into action to correct the mess, I sat and had a good cry. I didn’t know where to start so it was easier to bawl about it than to pick a spot and go from there.

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When the Good Writers Quit

by Valarie Kinney

I’ve been seeing it quite often lately.

In blog posts, in my Facebook feed, on Twitter.

Writers I’ve been interacting with for a few years on social media, who have stated time and again they would never quit. Writing was in their blood, they said, they couldn’t stop even if they wanted to.

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The Things I Forgot to Remember

by Valarie Kinney

It had been so long since I’d written anything, I’d forgotten the pleasure I had once found in putting my thoughts down on paper.

My life was full and busy, as that of a wife and mother is bound to be. Days were full of running various children to guitar lessons, sports practices, and Scouts meetings. Added to this was the average every day responsibilities: housework, cooking, helping with homework, doctor’s appointments.

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