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A Bipolar Life is a Life Worth Fighting For

I was planning to get a Phd

I had all of these plans and goals and ideas

I’m not planning to anymore.

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**Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse


If I could paint a picture…


The colors would all be shades of violence, rage and depression

stark, bloody reds, midnight blues and black streaks

bruised purples, sickly greens



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Darkness by Ashley McCullough

Darkness lurks within each of our hearts, each of our souls, even our minds.

Darkness lurks in the shadows the light creates for us to see, to hide our nightmares from our very eyes.

Yet when the light fades and the darkness happily comes back to surround us, we then see our nightmares staring back at us.

Their inky black figures standing there with a sickening ear to ear grin.

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Between Heartbeats: Depression – Living One More Day

I glimpse her hiding in the shadows, between a heartbeat and the next faltering breath. Her alabaster skin gives stark contrast to the black satin corset over her flowing black dress. Dark lace and gossamer wings accentuate her onyx eyes. The pale beauty of her thin face, high cheekbones, and stringent jawline frame her luscious lips. She smiles, a smile that would shame the full moon of October, and I forget to breathe.

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