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To Research Love

by Neesa Suncheuri

A profile of me was created on Wikipedia recently, outlining my prolific career, naming me as a highly-esteemed professional. I read it, and laughed at the sentence about my undergraduate degree. How I finished it when I was sixteen. I was ambitious about thermodynamics back then, yet I had never seen a woman naked in the flesh.

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On Oakwood Street

by Derek Flynn

Ursula used to be an actress. Now, she’s an alcoholic. She spends most of her days and nights in the same couple of bars on Oakwood Street, sitting in the corner by herself, drinking wine and writing poetry. She reads me one. It’s good.

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It is my Honor to Serve Justice

by Sarah Dubinsky

I am the keeper of the files. When my partner stands before a courtroom, a government committee, or a media event, I firmly slip him the documents needed to impress. Such a seamless act has been learned by junior associates longer tread than I in law firm ways.  But I, at the law firm of Biggest, Bigger, and Big (BBB), take pride in my silent support. It does not degrade my $100k law school education. I know my legal journey starts as second chair.

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FLASH FICTION CONTEST: Ancient History by Joseph Schmidt

Winner, winner chicken dinner! OCH Flash Fiction winner is Joseph Schmidt with his entry Ancient History. No sin is left unpunished in this tale and won Joseph a feature on OCH’s LitWeek.

Read and discover the twists of Joseph Schmidt’s mind and keep an eye out for future Flash Fiction contests.


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FLASH FICTION: Mouse Trap at the Ferris Wheel

Stealth while tailing the ignorant putz a safe distance away was difficult to retain with the sweat soaked tourists shoulder to shoulder seeking sand and sun, their stench chasing away the salt of the ocean. My sunglass covered eyes scanned beach combers to my right, the thrill seekers screams from the rollercoaster to my left a welcome sound.

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