Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time not too long ago, I picked up a book with a professional cover and a promise to deliver a new favorite, and I was grossly disappointed. The plot was to die for, but the style was horrifying. Was this a rough draft disguised as an e-book? I read the whole thing, because it was a great story, but my brain wanted to explode. How could the author be so careless?

It happened again with the next book I picked up.

And the next.

But the reviews were stellar. Everyone in my world thought this was perfectly acceptable.

And I realized that this generation of readers who are reading today had bred a culture of authors who were expected to write and publish a solid book in six months. Which is obviously impossible.

This is what has happened to literature.

And so, as a personal service to myself, as a fan of artistic literary fiction, my readers, and the writers brave enough to be The Society, I created a place where writers would never be pressured to put out a certain type of lit because society deemed Hunter S.  Thompson uninteresting. A place where you can find things that have never been written before.

A place where literature will reign, again.

Welcome to the OCH Literary Society.


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