Paper Souls Playlist


This is not meant to be a promotional post. I just want to give you the gift of music with the gift of literature.

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Listen to Me Right Now: You Cannot Fucking Quit


A respected author and long time friend announced yesterday that she was quitting writing. Another friend has said the same words countless times (though she is still around). There was a time in the not so distant past (as in, yesterday) that I believed that no one would notice if I disappeared let alone care.

Listen to me right now: You cannot fucking quit. 

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#HaleNoBlogTrain: Snarky Reviewing is Not a Crime…Stalking Is (Repost)


(The following article is being re-posted as part of the #HaleNoBlogTrain)

Like my TFIOS Banned Books post, this one is likely to get lost in the sea of articles like it, but I haven’t been so angry and hurt by humanity in a really long time, so I’m here anyway.

In case you missed it, Kathleen Hale, HarperCollins Author of No One Else Can Have You took to The Guardian to admit that she physically stalked a blogger over a one-star review.

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Down Time


It has been a very emotional couple months for me due to a very stressful job environment (as of late), a loss of someone close to me to suicide (the very thing I advocate against), and some personal things that have led to my belief that my very world is crashing down on me with no hope of resurfacing. It has been so much so fast and so tough that I made a call to my doctor that I haven’t seen in three years to request a refill on the medication that I haven’t taken in two. Thankfully, the doctor refused to speak to me or see me because I had stopped going to see him. (Not sure what’s thankful about that as far as our mental health system goes, but that’s ten years of rants that I just don’t have the sanity for right now.)

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