darkness and light in our world

like everyone else, I’ve seen the memes and typography going around facebook that provide hope to those that are going through some really tough shit in their lives, like we all do. they boast the fact that the universe is testing us, because without darkness, we would not know light, and I genuinely want to know what people actually think about it. these elements of hope are very popular in the interwebs, especially for authors, and I play around with the very same themes in my latest book, so you would think that the general belief is that yes, it is absolutely true, we would not know what pure happiness feels like if we hadn’t before experienced the crushing pain that is its enemy.

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for the not-vegans

I was just enjoying the fuck out of a fudge brownie complete with weird noises and that finger-lick thing you do, and the whole time I was just like I should not be eating this, but ohmygoditisfuckinggood.

look: I tried the vegan thing once. I was like well I don’t really eat meat more than once or twice a month and it would be super easy to make the transition to vegetarianism and I need to detox anyway so I can do it for like a week and see how it goes, right?


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turn the lights off, yo

(why are these bitches always smiling when they are cleaning?)

my house was always really clean when I was growing up.

when I say you could literally eat off of the floor, it’s not one of those The Definition Of That Word Got Changed In The Dictionary Because So Many People Used It Incorrectly kind of things, I mean, really, you could eat off the fucking floor.

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we have Kurt Vonnegut and John Green right next to each other on our shelf, and that’s totally okay

I’m a huge fan of Book Riot, and when this article came up in my facebook feed – though I’ve seen a hundred of them like it since the very controversial Huffington Post article came to light – I paid attention.

admittedly, because of the link line that was so much like my Twilight rant years ago.

and it’s so true that I now live in a world that I am ashamed to tell people that I loved Twilight so much when it came out that I read the series more than once and yeah, I did cry when Edward left Bella in New Moon, and yeah, that kind of makes me sad because: Twilight got me writing. the very people who are writing these articles saying that nobody has the right to tell you to read would probably cringe while vomiting to hear me say that because Harry Potter is oh so much more valid than Twilight in a literature sense.

which it is, maybe, but that’s not the point.

but I shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to admit that, because it got me writing. the first piece of fiction I ever wrote was inspired by the Twilight series, and it’s a bestseller, and it gave me the tools to write the most difficult piece of literature I have ever written or ever will write, and it led me to my boyfriend, and no, fuck no, I shouldn’t be ashamed to say any of that out loud. I shouldn’t be because I am a well read individual and I know that because I have read the classics, and I have read the products of the beat generation, and I know satire, and my opinion is valid when I say that HST is a fucking genius. just because I also love vampires and John Green doesn’t make me any less intelligent or well read.

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love the skin you’re in (shit…own it, girl [or boy])

I had a photo shoot yesterday.

it’s my third one. that being said I am not used to it by now and I am definitely no less embarrassed to stand in front of a camera and ‘work it’ (god I never thought I’d say that in real life) than I was the first time. I have plenty of usable photos for the author thing from the first two, but I really hate makeup – I hate that we are expected to wear it, I hate that we are “ugly” without it as far as society is concerned, and I hate that we willingly cake our faces with harmful chemicals every day in an effort to feel beautiful – and I really just wanted a few pieces of documented evidence of the essence that is me, like in real life.

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