love the skin you’re in (shit…own it, girl [or boy])

I had a photo shoot yesterday.

it’s my third one. that being said I am not used to it by now and I am definitely no less embarrassed to stand in front of a camera and ‘work it’ (god I never thought I’d say that in real life) than I was the first time. I have plenty of usable photos for the author thing from the first two, but I really hate makeup – I hate that we are expected to wear it, I hate that we are “ugly” without it as far as society is concerned, and I hate that we willingly cake our faces with harmful chemicals every day in an effort to feel beautiful – and I really just wanted a few pieces of documented evidence of the essence that is me, like in real life.

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Dr. Bach…is (was) he legit?

fuck yeah he was.

I’m clinically insane, as far as the state of California is concerned. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2011 and for two years experienced this self-inflicted turmoil as I weaned myself off of anti—psychotic drugs, resisted three suicide urges, and ultimately learned to navigate a world that was no longer my own, but one that I shared with the other existence—or beings—that lived in my head.

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