Acrossthemargin2Michael Shields, Across the Margin

Simply put, Across the Margin is an online magazine. One that aims to prove that long-form content still has a place, and can thrive online. Within these ‘pages’ can be found an eclectic mix of fiction, editorials, and factual prose that explore the current state of the world around us, and the depths of our human nature.

***Editor’s Note: Across the Margin is my absolute favorite literary magazine. The truth is that they inspired me to go forth with my vision for OCH. They have published three of my stories and Michael is a joy to work with.


wendyWendy Garfinkle, Pens and Keys

Wendy is a writer who holds degrees from three different universities, including MA and MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. Her debut novel, SERPENT ON A CROSS, which was published October 30, 2012, by Northampton House Press as an ebook, was re-released digitally and in print – with new content – by Booktrope, in August 2014.

She’s authored numerous poems, several of which appear here, and is currently working on her second novel, the sequel to SOAC, and a new contemporary thriller series. She has served as a copy editor and panel reader for, and a reader for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship. She works as an Editor and Proofreader on a project/contractual basis for her publisher, Booktrope, and was recently honored to accept the Proofreader position for all books published under Booktrope’s Gravity Imprint. “The focus of Gravity is on stories of trauma and recovery – any kind, both fiction or nonfiction.”

In her day job, Wendy is a crime analyst for a county sheriff’s office. Her hobbies include writing (of course), reading, and international travel (as finances and time off work allow). She lives in South Florida with her teenage son.

***Editor’s Note: Having worked on both Paper Souls and Nowhere Train, I can tell you with definity that Wendy is a phenomenal editor. She is always my first recommendation when anyone asks about polishing a novel or memoir. -Allie


ASecondChance_Final_eBookShari J Ryan, Author Needs

Who are we?

A graphic designer, a web designer and a software engineer.

With constant researching and learning of the newest technologies and trends, we are able to ensure our clients that they will always have the best quality outcome with their projects.

Not only is our value top notch, but we are also quick and accommodating with most timelines.

***Editor’s Note: With Booktrope, Shari designed Paper Souls and all of the Enchanters covers, and she is the easiest designer to work with ever. We all will tell you that Shari is one of the most talented human beings any of us has ever met. You will not be disappointed. -Allie

samples012Michelle Fairbanks, Fresh Design

With over 15 years experience, I aim to keep my designs fresh – simple, beautiful, and balanced. On Vancouver Island, I am surrounded by nature and a short walk from the beach. All I need to feel inspired is right here…

I live by the motto “less is more” and keep my designs simple and unique… from branding to e-book and print book design, logos, postcards, bookmarks, and more.

Send me a message and we can chat about a fresh design! And please visit my Facebook page to see current projects.

***Editor’s Note: Less is more is exactly what the marketing strategy should be for authors of literary fiction, which is why Michelle’s conception on cover design is so great. And she’s all up in Canada’s biz, eh.

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