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Lily Padded by Grace Carpenter


The therapist is nondescript. She sits in front of Lily, nondescript brown hair hanging limply around her nondescript eyes and cheeks. The ambivalent half-whisper that emerges from her exceedingly ordinary lips is monotone. Her figure is thoroughly average, as are her dress and shoes. The pad of paper in her hands is appropriately stock, and the handwriting upon it is perfectly indistinguishable from that of every other person in the universe.

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Open Letter to Society by Catherine Stone

Dear society,

People who suffer from mental illness are not second-class citizens. They are not jokes, they are not puns, they are not attention-seekers. Their lives are not worth any less than others’ lives and their illnesses are no different from those labelled ‘physical’, as if though the brain was not an organ as much as the heart, lungs and stomach are. But many, as if oblivious to this fact, look down on the mentally ill and exclude them; are scared of them, mistreat them, humiliate them. And I wonder, why? Why are they degraded, why are they bashed, why aren’t they listened to?

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The Swing by Nabilah Safa

It always begins with the silence
maybe that’s why I’m afraid to be alone
in the quiet
in the dark
where there is nothing but a mind numbing hum
that only grows louder
until all I can hear is a words jumbled inside my mind
so important and they need to get out
but they won’t stop coming no matter how fast I write them

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