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Katie and Siciley V3: No Greater Love

by Angela Santistevan

She couldn’t stop grinning. Unaware of the fact that she was, Katie also couldn’t stop singing. It was one of the songs the Sheriff liked so much, “Everyday it’s getting closer, mmm hmm, it’s getting closer, going faster than a roller coaster…” She couldn’t help herself, Katie was over the top on this one, she was practically bursting with anticipation. “What a day!” Katie had to get on her tiptoes to sit on her bike, after that it was cake, just balancing and pedaling. She didn’t concern herself at all about stopping and how that would all work out.

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He Was Not Of An Age But For All Time by Derek Flynn

This is one of many, many pieces that will be written about David Bowie in the coming days, weeks, and months. And, as such, even as I type this, it feels slightly redundant. But, at the same time, it feels absolutely necessary – as contradictory as that sounds. And that’s why I think so many pieces will be written about him: because so many people feel that it’s necessary to say something. Because we’re all feeling this profound sense of loss for someone most of us never met. Someone who has no connection to our lives. How can you feel this way about someone who had no connection to your life?

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