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REVIEW: Kingpin

by Stephen Hardman

Wilson Fisk. The Kingpin. Of all Daredevil’s enemies The Kingpin is perhaps his most ferocious. He’s certainly the one who has caused Matt Murdock the most suffering and pain in his life. Fisk has sought to destroy Matt since they first crossed paths, very nearly succeeding at times.

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by Stephen Hardman

Black Mask Studios continues to publish some of the most original and exciting comic books coming out right now. The diversity of the creators, and the characters and stories they are putting on the page, guarantees an intriguing slate of titles which is being expanded even further as 2016 rumbles on.

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REVIEW: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

by Stephen Hardman

Writer – Ryan North
Art – Erica Henderson
Colours – Rico Renzi

Squirrel Girl is perhaps one of the more unlikely superheroes to have an on-going monthly comic book published by Marvel. However, it is testament to the desire for alternatives to the mainstream superhero books among today’s comic book readers that a character like Squirrel Girl can reach a big enough audience to warrant an on-going series in an industry where titles fall by the wayside every month as if sales are not high enough.

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Review: Invisible Republic Vol 1 – Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko

The first collected edition of Invisible Republic, the latest comic by the husband and wife team of Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, has recently been released. It collects the first story arc featured in issues 1-5 of the monthly comic. Published by Image Comics, it is another fine example of how the comic book medium is currently at the forefront of intelligent, innovative storytelling.

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