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The Swing by Nabilah Safa

It always begins with the silence
maybe that’s why I’m afraid to be alone
in the quiet
in the dark
where there is nothing but a mind numbing hum
that only grows louder
until all I can hear is a words jumbled inside my mind
so important and they need to get out
but they won’t stop coming no matter how fast I write them

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The Truth is in the Darkness

One day, I was playing a friend a few of my original songs. He turned to me afterwards and said:  “Those are some heavy lyrics.” It wasn’t that I had never noticed that my writing – both songs and prose – can veer to the dark side, but it did make me stop and think: why am I attracted to the darkness?

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Darkness by Ashley McCullough

Darkness lurks within each of our hearts, each of our souls, even our minds.

Darkness lurks in the shadows the light creates for us to see, to hide our nightmares from our very eyes.

Yet when the light fades and the darkness happily comes back to surround us, we then see our nightmares staring back at us.

Their inky black figures standing there with a sickening ear to ear grin.

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