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Slow Crisis

by Rachel Gearinger

The roofer drops a yellow cord into the tree
& I think about soaking in bleach

Last night, I had to convince my brain
everything’s alright
A regular occurrence
unlike pouring a cup of coffee

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On Flooding Waters, Writing, and Life


This photograph is what riverfront lot owners on the Potomac River in Falling Waters, West Virginia woke up to two years ago, when the river crested at twenty seven feet from a normal eighteen feet. You might be able to make out the child’s swing set in the middle, right hand side of the photograph, and what you probably can’t make out are floating coolers, folding chairs, and a sinking speed boat in the distance. My vacation riverfront lot sits a quarter mile downriver from where I took this photograph, where it levels out at thirty feet. We were three inches away from disaster that year until the next flood warning, a few months later.

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