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Prisoned by Marni Mann

by Allie Burke

Its been at least twelve¬†hours since I read the last page of this book, and I’m still reeling. This novel is like when you lose your grasp on reality for just a moment and you have to ask yourself what the fuck just happened. It’s a mindfuck for sure. I still haven’t figured out the ending – I heard from other readers the ending was like WTF – but I wasn’t expecting that. You’re so focused on the big reveal during the whole thing that Mann pulls a fast one on you with what seems like no effort at all; it is so seamless. I still don’t quite understand what happened. I considered asking the author myself since she is a personal friend of mine, but truth be told I’m kind of embarrassed that I don’t have it figured out yet. I’ll get it I’m sure, even if I have to read it again.

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REVIEW: The Unblocked Collection

The Unblocked Collection
Marni Mann

Unblocked is a series of of five episodes which tells the story of Frankie, the daughter of a real estate giant, and her client, the ever sexy Derek Block. I’ve been vocal about my general dislike for erotica – mostly for vocabularic reasons – but alas, this is a Marni Mann book, and you should all know that she is the type of author whose books you pick up even before you know what they are about. Her latest novel, Prisoned, is currently the number one bestseller in erotica suspense on Amazon.

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REVIEW: Unblocked, #1 by Marni Mann

Unblocked, #1
Marni Mann
109 Pages

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about this book. Those of you who have followed my reading habits know that I am one of Marni Mann’s biggest fans – I have read all her work – but as soon as I heard that she’d planned to trade her literary hat for a serial erotica one, I was prepared to be disappointed.

Well guess what Marni, you can’t get rid of us that easy.

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