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News Cycle

The street ahead is a maelstrom of tear gas, smoke, and muzzle flashes. Shouts and screams are intermingled with pops from small arms and flash-bangs. People are running through the smoke, back-lit by burning vehicles and buildings. They look like ghosts passing through a fog. I’m thinking of a scene from Danté.

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My New Best Friend

I finally dragged myself out of bed. Depression had stolen over two years of my life. Two years I wouldn’t get back. Two years where I lived in my bed, in my room, in my cave. I liked my cave. It was a safe place. It had all the necessities of life—it had a big, soft bed with lots of covers to hide under; it had a large, flat-screen T.V. that I never watched; it had a phone that I never answered; and oodles of books I never read; but it also had music, Sirius music. I could listen to whatever type of music suited my mood. And usually that was sad music. But that’s okay, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I escaped into the music. I spent hours poring over music lists I had made—songs that I had heard, that I wanted my husband to put on my cell phone. The lists were never-ending. The music could be heard deep in my soul.

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Five Things I Learned Writing ‘A Decent Woman’

I came to writing books late in life after a twenty year career as a successful exhibiting painter living in Belgium. When my maternal grandmother turned ninety, I was forty-nine years old and had just celebrated my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. My daughter was a freshman at an American university and my son was a senior in high school. And I’d written a novel, my first.

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Not Even the Rain has Such Small Hands by @osnsmom


As readers, we know about the importance of the short story. The writer is conveying a message about life and the universe through the voices of fictional characters. This is what literary fiction is about. Poetry, on the other hand is about raw emotion. A poem communicates how the writer is feeling in that moment.

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Our Talent is Not Measured by Our Physical Appearance by @jcahannigan

Being a woman in any profession can be a challenge because society is so focused on a woman’s looks. Men have pressure to look and be a certain way too, but the pressure seems more predominate for women. Women have been told how to dress, how not to dress, how to wear makeup and do their hair, and it’s usually so that they are as “visibly appealing” as they can be.

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