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Thoughts About Maggie Stiefvater and Her Contribution to Storytelling

by Allie Burke

I haven’t much thought about Maggie Stiefvater being my favorite author as much as I have considered her to be my favorite person. When I’m asked for my favorites, I tend to gravitate to the works of John Green and Sarah Addison Allen because it was their words that got me to write. But if you ask me what my favorite first line of a book is (I’m a nerd for stuff that gets people to keep reading), I will always quote The Scorpio Races:

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Nerding Out

It has come to my attention, through yesterday’s National Superhero Day and various experiences as of late, that, eleven years post high school, it is still not societally acceptable to be a nerd. Like people are apparently afraid to be open with their real life friends about the fact that they know more about comics than Stan Lee or that Twilight is their favorite thing ever because our society is so influenced by what should be important to them that all they know about Hunter S. Thompson is that he was a friend of Johnny Depp’s.

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Down Time


It has been a very emotional couple months for me due to a very stressful job environment (as of late), a loss of someone close to me to suicide (the very thing I advocate against), and some personal things that have led to my belief that my very world is crashing down on me with no hope of resurfacing. It has been so much so fast and so tough that I made a call to my doctor that I haven’t seen in three years to request a refill on the medication that I haven’t taken in two. Thankfully, the doctor refused to speak to me or see me because I had stopped going to see him. (Not sure what’s thankful about that as far as our mental health system goes, but that’s ten years of rants that I just don’t have the sanity for right now.)

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Live a Little…won’t you


We are a society of whiners.

I know; I’m sorry; I’m an asshole.

But I’m saying it because nobody is saying it. All anyone is saying is how offended they are by this or that. Which is fine. Like, I get that there are passionate people, and I’m definitely one of those people, but it’s come to a point where it’s really freaking me out.

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