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The Purest Action

by Neesa Suncheuri

The Purest Action

Her mouth utters lies, but her teeth speak the truth.
Each one whiter than the other.
She is not a racist, so she says.

Against the coast, the water foams pale,
Dirt is brushed away, nothing remains.
Indigenous peoples replaced with foreign customs.

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It is my Honor to Serve Justice

by Sarah Dubinsky

I am the keeper of the files. When my partner stands before a courtroom, a government committee, or a media event, I firmly slip him the documents needed to impress. Such a seamless act has been learned by junior associates longer tread than I in law firm ways.  But I, at the law firm of Biggest, Bigger, and Big (BBB), take pride in my silent support. It does not degrade my $100k law school education. I know my legal journey starts as second chair.

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