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Summer Blues

by Sami-Jo Cairns

Are you a bear or a snail?

Odd question? Maybe. Though I’m among those considered “odd”. Why? Many reasons, but in this case, because while the first day of Spring heralds millions of people to take in a fresh breath of the new season with great hopes of longer days and warmer temperatures, I’m peeking out from behind heavy curtains and closing them tight with a grinchy “hrumph”.

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WORLD POETRY DAY: 3 Vignettes on the Contemplation of Purpose

by Neesa Suncheuri


I carry the world on my shoulders
Like the backpack of a diligent
But it is heavy, and I
Practically buckle underneath it.
But not quite…
That final straw has not touched my back,
Nor will it ever.

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Which Led Me To…

I have come to the conclusion that unless a writer has super powers or a clone, she just can’t get it all done and write a second novel that’s worth a dime in the summer time. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. It IS done and the reality is I don’t know how writers manage to raise well-adjusted children, keep a spouse or romantic partner happy and still have the time to write, publish, and market a novel. And bounce back fast enough post-publication and sane enough to finish the second book in a few months. All during the summer months, mind you. What drives these prolific authors? These writers tend to pay their taxes on time, they run for PTA positions, hold full-time jobs, and run a cottage industry at home while they write. How the heck do they do it?

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Random Encounter

The sixty-eight rattles down the tracks filled with tired, tattered humanity on their way home from the workday, or on their way to start the night-shift. The pungent odor of sweat, diesel, and vomit assault the senses of a man sitting by the door. He looks around. The young, well dressed man in the adjoining seat gazes intently at his Kindle, his body language stiff and withdrawn as if saying, “leave me be.”

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