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I Remember Sorrento

I remember Sorrento.

I remember looking for that beach…what was it called? We saw it in the brochure in the hotel lobby and thought it looked beautiful.

I remember that day we set off, the noonday heat like a hot breath in our faces. We must’ve walked for miles, up and down tiny lizard-strewn pathways that stretched across the cliffs of Sorrento, the sound of families outside having dinner.

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Between Heartbeats: Depression – Living One More Day

I glimpse her hiding in the shadows, between a heartbeat and the next faltering breath. Her alabaster skin gives stark contrast to the black satin corset over her flowing black dress. Dark lace and gossamer wings accentuate her onyx eyes. The pale beauty of her thin face, high cheekbones, and stringent jawline frame her luscious lips. She smiles, a smile that would shame the full moon of October, and I forget to breathe.

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Difficulty by Guest Blogger @authortroy

Guys do not cry, do not feel like they are going insane. They provide stability in any situation, a solution to all problems. So I was taught. Drilled into me was the John Wayne, Clint Eastwood type of man. But that really wasn’t me.

But I learned to act at a young age. You could say I began my career in theater at church: no matter how I felt at home, or even if my family had an argument Sunday morning, you put on your best clothes, go to Sunday School, and spit back all the right answers with a smile painted on your face.

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