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Satellite of Love

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. All those years ago, in the depraved, early days of the 21st century, it must have seemed like such a clever idea to them. To send a satellite into space carrying the messages of thousands of people, a satellite that would orbit the earth for five thousand years before returning. Stocked with the dreams and madness of a futile race, unwittingly eking out its final days. They must have thought we would be so grateful, poring over their messages as eagerly as they would have greeted messages from their primitive ancestors.

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Random Encounter

The sixty-eight rattles down the tracks filled with tired, tattered humanity on their way home from the workday, or on their way to start the night-shift. The pungent odor of sweat, diesel, and vomit assault the senses of a man sitting by the door. He looks around. The young, well dressed man in the adjoining seat gazes intently at his Kindle, his body language stiff and withdrawn as if saying, “leave me be.”

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I Remember Sorrento

I remember Sorrento.

I remember looking for that beach…what was it called? We saw it in the brochure in the hotel lobby and thought it looked beautiful.

I remember that day we set off, the noonday heat like a hot breath in our faces. We must’ve walked for miles, up and down tiny lizard-strewn pathways that stretched across the cliffs of Sorrento, the sound of families outside having dinner.

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Not Even the Rain has Such Small Hands by @osnsmom


As readers, we know about the importance of the short story. The writer is conveying a message about life and the universe through the voices of fictional characters. This is what literary fiction is about. Poetry, on the other hand is about raw emotion. A poem communicates how the writer is feeling in that moment.

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Difficulty by Guest Blogger @authortroy

Guys do not cry, do not feel like they are going insane. They provide stability in any situation, a solution to all problems. So I was taught. Drilled into me was the John Wayne, Clint Eastwood type of man. But that really wasn’t me.

But I learned to act at a young age. You could say I began my career in theater at church: no matter how I felt at home, or even if my family had an argument Sunday morning, you put on your best clothes, go to Sunday School, and spit back all the right answers with a smile painted on your face.

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