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The Story of an Indian Man and His Refusal to Eat American Food

As a writer I’ve been very lucky to meet and come in contact with people from all over the world, most with cultures that differ from American culture on a grand scale. Unfortunately, due to my work, it is usually on the Internet. I consider my Internet friends to be my real friends just as much as the next person, but the Internet tends to cut out key elements of a “real” friendship, such as knowing somebody by how they actually look like day-to-day rather than the avatar they choose from themselves.

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Down Time


It has been a very emotional couple months for me due to a very stressful job environment (as of late), a loss of someone close to me to suicide (the very thing I advocate against), and some personal things that have led to my belief that my very world is crashing down on me with no hope of resurfacing. It has been so much so fast and so tough that I made a call to my doctor that I haven’t seen in three years to request a refill on the medication that I haven’t taken in two. Thankfully, the doctor refused to speak to me or see me because I had stopped going to see him. (Not sure what’s thankful about that as far as our mental health system goes, but that’s ten years of rants that I just don’t have the sanity for right now.)

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