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Let Me Fly Away

by Neesa Suncheuri

I float in air with my
Every motion.  I am envied.
Such is cultural
Attractiveness, I,
Wisp of air,
Miracle of

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by ND Ekwegh

I hear your voice in the midst of the storm
I hear you roar, see all you’ve become
I feel so little before your giant frame
I hear you taunting as you call out my name
You threaten to break me, to fill me with pain
You show off your weapons again and again
Your giant footsteps are all over my sand
I tremble in feet and I tremble in hand
There is only one winner; I hear you declare
There is only one victor and that much seems clear
My heart feels so weary, my courage is gone
My confidence broken, my face is forlorn
I fall on my knees with a thought of surrender
But just in that moment, I start to remember

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by Derek Flynn

janey doesn’t want anything
that’s gonna make her cry again
she says she’s wasted
too many tears
on her girlfriend’s shoulders
are so broad and his mind
is so narrow
he thinks of only one thing
and when she won’t give it to him
he says
it’s enough to make you want to hurt her
it’s enough to make you want to hurt her

the nights roll back like the sheets
she says
i’m tired from a week of fighting
and I’m tired of you
she goes window shopping
for the things she knows she’ll never use
but she tells her friends that it makes her feel safe
every time he says
it’s enough to make you want to hurt her
it’s enough to make you want to hurt her

and after a while
it doesn’t hurt you anymore
and it’s like some kind of black relief
as you rush to meet the floor
and it’s something that surrounds you
it’s something that engulfs you
and takes you in
takes you in
and all the while you know
that he never meant to hurt you
no, he never meant to hurt you

janey gave up window shopping
and took everything in hand
left him lying face down in the rain
dying to the rhythm of some
street-corner marching band
and so she moves on
with nowhere to move onto
no one to move onto
just someone else
one more person who says

it’s enough to make you want to hurt her
it’s enough to make you want to hurt her

Author Pic

Derek Flynn is an Irish writer and musician with a Masters in Creative Writing from Trinity College, Dublin. Derek’s short story “The Healer” was recently featured in Surge, an anthology of the best new Irish writing published by O’ Brien Press. He is also a regular contributor to http://www.writing.ie where he writes his “Songbook” column. And because he obviously has a lot of time on his hands, he is currently working on his latest solo album.

Like most writers, he is fuelled solely by caffeine and self-doubt.