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Second Class Diagnosis – Psychosis

by Sarah Dubinsky

Up until two years ago, my mental illness was of no consequence to me. I was working full-time and fully functional.  I viewed my bipolar disorder as a quirk of genetics, the equivalent of having curly hair over straight. Yes, a little unusual. Yes, I have to treat it differently. So, I’m not wash and wear ready when I wake up. I take my medication. No big deal.

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The Unflipped Finger of Ufa by Sarah Dubinsky

“Are you calling my dictionary a liar?” I roughly say, non-guttural accent in mind, somewhat guttural accent in speech, but not enough guttural accent to convey my point. And all the same, I don’t know how to correctly say liar in Russian. I would ask my eight-inch thick dictionary, which I’m holding in one hand, but it is wet from the rain and the pages are sticking. I need to choose my words judiciously because soon it will tear.

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