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banned books week: tfios by john green


a disclaimer:

1. I am not a parent
2. I am not a teen
3. this rant will be littered with language that is probably inappropriate in a ‘let’s talk about young adult books’ setting because I’m pissed

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darkness and light in our world

like everyone else, I’ve seen the memes and typography going around facebook that provide hope to those that are going through some really tough shit in their lives, like we all do. they boast the fact that the universe is testing us, because without darkness, we would not know light, and I genuinely want to know what people actually think about it. these elements of hope are very popular in the interwebs, especially for authors, and I play around with the very same themes in my latest book, so you would think that the general belief is that yes, it is absolutely true, we would not know what pure happiness feels like if we hadn’t before experienced the crushing pain that is its enemy.

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